LifePine vs. Cedar


LifePine Shakes & Shingles Cedar Shakes & Shingles
Warranty 50 Year Limited Warranty 0-30 depending on State. Warranty does not cover a large portion of the United States.
Maintenance None…EVER Every 2-4 years
Flammability ASTM E-84 Class B Fire Rating —–
Sustainability Farmed Southern Yellow Pine trees mature in roughly 20 years in controlled tree farms. 100% Pre-Consumer by-product raw material. Harvested from old growth forests. Cedar trees reach maturity in a minimum of 150 years.
Insulation R-Factor 85% higher than cedar —–
Wind Resistance Exceeded 130 mph wind uplift test, even on a low slope. —–
Density 60% higher density than cedar. —–
Hail Resistance Class 4 Hail Rating. 75% more resistant to hail than cedar. —–
Preservative Treatment after Installation Never Every 2-4 years
Preservative Treatment Meets AWPA standards for ground contact.  Permanent cellular level treatment. Usually untreated. When treated it is a surface treatment only. Does not meet AWPA standards.
Consistency Single Source Supplier Variations in product due to multitude of suppliers.
Aged Color Driftwood Gray for the life of the roof. Varies from Gray to Black