Specification Guidelines for LifePine® Siding

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This information has been designed to aid architects and builders in specifying LifePine® Siding Shakes and Shingles It suggests a standardized terminology and style for ordering in the hope of improving accuracy. And, it incorporates a general outline of the latest application information. Please note, however, that this is a specification guide only. It is not intended to be a complete reference to the characteristics or application of LifePine® Shakes and Shingles. Comprehensive literature on such subjects is available from Green Shakes, LLC.

  1. Quality Control
    Each pallet of LifePine® Shakes and Shingles is tagged to identify the product type. The tags contain installation instructions, maximum exposure guidelines and information on preservative treatment. Product tags are to be inspected prior to installation to assure the product is the specified type and can be installed to manufactures specifications on the particular project. Periodic inspections should be conducted during installation to insure the product is being installed to manufacturer’s specifications.
  2. General Specification Data
    1. The contractor shall cover specified wall surfaces with one of the following LifePine® Products: Ultra Shake and Classic Shake.
    2. Shingles/shakes for sidewalls shall be (specify grade and length).
    3. Shingles/shakes shall be laid with a weather exposure of (specify in inches. Do not exceed maximum exposure).

III. Sidewall Application

    1. Sidewall shingles/shakes shall be doubled at foundation lines Sidewall shingles shall be butted together not spaced.
    2. Keyways of shakes and shingles in any one course shall be offset not less than 1-1/2″ from the keyways in adjacent courses.
    3. Sidewall shingles/shakes shall be applied with a weather exposure of (specify in inches from following table).

Maximum Weather Exposure for Siding Shakes and Shingles

Product Exposure
Ultra Shake 24″ 10″
Classic Shake 24″ 10″

IV. Fastening Siding Shakes and Shingles

    1. Fasteners. Each shingle or shake shall be secured with two ring shank a) hot-dipped or b) mechanically galvanized or c) stainless steel nails. The fastener must be approved by the manufacturer of the fastener for use in MCA treated wood. Staples are not approved fasteners. Shakes or shingles applied with staples will not be covered under the 50-year limited warranty.
    2. Sidewalls. Use 6d Ring Shank nails on 24″ siding shakes and shingles. Siding shakes and shingles shall be nailed at one inch and no more than two inches above the next exposure line. Sidewall shakes shall be nailed not more than 1″ from each side.

V. Finishing

    1. All wood weathers when exposed to the elements, and in this respect MCA treated Southern Yellow Pine is no exception. MCA treated Southern Yellow Pine shakes and shingles will weather to an attractive silver-gray. To accelerate the weathering process, a bleaching agent can be used on new wood.
    2. MCA compatible paints and stains can be used on LifePine® Siding. It is recommended that only top quality stain, made by a reputable manufacturer be applied. Oil based products are preferable to water based products for use on MCA treated wood. It is important to use stains in accordance with directions of the manufacturers. Proper mixing before and during application is essential to keep pigments and oil in balance for color consistency. Stains effect depends on equal distribution, and it is important to prevent lap marks during application.
    3. When applying paint, stain or a bleaching agent after the shingles/shakes have been installed, the shingles/shakes should be allowed adequate curing time for shrinkage to occur. Curing time can vary from one to four weeks and is dependent on weather conditions. The shingles/shakes are installed without a gap and will shrink as they cure to form a gap of 1/8″ to ¼”. Once shrinkage has occurred in the range of 1/8″ to ¼”, the shingles/shakes can be properly covered.