LifePine® Warranty


          • 50-Year Limited Warranty
            • Against Rot
            • Against Decay
            • Against Insects
          • No Retreating…EVER
          • No Maintenance Required…Ever
LifePine®  WarrantyLifePine® Warranty LifePine® Warranty Registration FormLifePine® Warranty Registration Form

Subject to the terms, conditions and limitations in this Limited Warranty, Arch Wood Protection, Inc. hereby warrants to the first property owner names on the Warranty Registration Card attached hereto hereinafter referred to as “Owner,” that the LifePine® pressure-treated pine Shakes & Shingles used as roofing or wall siding on the First Owner’s commercial, residential or other property will be free from structural failure resulting from decay that is directly caused by fungus or termite attack for a period of 50 years from the date the LifePine® Shakes & Shingles are purchased.

“First Owner” is the owner-of-record of the property at the time the LifePine® Shakes & Shingles are installed. Or, if the warranted Shakes & Shingles are installed by a builder-contractor-owner, “First Owner” is the owner-of-record first acquiring the property from the builder contractor owner. The LifePine® warranty is not transferable from the First Owner to subsequent owners of single-family or commercial dwellings.

In the event that LifePine® Shakes & Shingles used in roofing or wall siding should fail because of fungal decay within 50 years from the Purchase Date, Warrantor’s entire liability to Owner will be limited to paying Owner an amount equal to the Adjusted Reimbursed Cost for replacement Shakes & Shingles of a comparable quality for those Shakes & Shingles that have decayed. Owner will be responsible for all other costs and expenses in connection with the replacement of the decayed LifePine® Shakes & Shingles, including, without limitation, costs of transportation, installation and labor.

“Adjusted Reimbursement Cost” means (a) for the first 15 years from Purchase Date, an amount equal to the purchase price paid by Owner for replacement Shakes & Shingles of a comparable quality, and (b) for each year thereafter in the remaining Warranty Period, an amount equal to the purchase price paid by Owner for replacement Shakes & Shingles of a comparable quality reduced by 1/35th of such price for each year or part thereof after the 15th anniversary of the Purchase Date. (For example, if a claim is made during the 22nd year of this Warranty, the Adjusted Reimbursement Cost will be 80%, a reduction of 7/35, of the cost for the replacement Shakes & Shingles.)

To be reimbursed, the Owner must submit proof of purchase of the replacement Shakes & Shingles, and if Warrantor requests, submit to an inspection of the decayed LifePine® Shakes & Shingles and allow testing to confirm that failure was due to fungal decay. Owner will be required to send two written notifications of damage to Warrantor at the following address:

LifePine® Shakes & Shingles C/O Green Shakes, LLC
2600 Louisville Road • Savannah, Georgia 31415

Fungal decay as used in this Warranty means attack by wood destroying fungi that disintegrate the wood cell walls, and excludes surface mold and deterioration associated with the “weathering” of wood. (“Weathering” of wood is not covered by this Warranty.) The term “weathering” shall include, but not be limited to cupping, warping, twisting, fading, discoloration, mechanical damage, erosion and/or splitting of Shakes & Shingles.

This Warranty does not cover LifePine® Shakes & Shingles used for any purpose other than roofing or wall siding. Warrantor shall not be liable for any failure of the LifePine® Shakes & Shingles which is not directly caused by decay, including, without limitation, wind or water damage of the LifePine™ Shakes & Shingles, failure of the LifePine® Shakes & Shingles due to the construction or installation techniques employed or utilized, or for damage resulting from any other cause whatsoever. Further, Warrantor shall not be liable for any damage resulting from the negligence or default of Warrantor, except for decay of LifePine® Shakes & Shingles. Warrantor is not responsible for mold growth on LifePine® Shakes & Shingles.

In no event shall warrantor be liable in contract or in tort, or under any other legal theory, for lost profits or revenues, loss of use or similar economic loss, or for indirect, special incidental, consequential or similar damages, even if warrantor has been advised of the possibility of such claim. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusion may not apply to some owners.

This Warranty is void if LifePine® Shakes & Shingles are installed in conjunction with a roof or exterior wall system that does not meet minimum building code(s) enforced at the time of installation or used as part of a roof system that does not contain adequate ventilation, or when fasteners do not meet the hardware recommendations for LifePine® Shakes & Shingles.

In order to be eligible for this Warranty, the attached Warranty Registration Card must be completed by Owner and the installation contractor (if applicable) and returned along with a copy of a document showing proof of purchase such as a sales receipt or purchase order, along with a LifePine® Shakes & Shingles pallet tag to Warrantor by registered mail, return receipt requested, within 30 days after completion of the installation. If the LifePine® Shakes & Shingles are on a property purchased from or constructed by a contractor, ask the contractor to provide you with proof of purchase(s). Any other provision of this Warranty to the contrary notwithstanding, the Owner shall not be entitled to this Warranty unless each salesman, representative, distributor and manufacturer involved in distributing LifePine® Shakes & Shingles to the Owner, has been paid in full for the LifePine® Shakes & Shingles at the time the Warranty Registration is received by Warrantor.

In order for this LifePine® Limited Warranty to be valid, the Owner is responsible for proper maintenance of the structure to which the warranted materials are installed for roofing of siding applications. Proper maintenance for LifePine® Products includes keeping debris off roofs, gutters and siding.

This warranty is the sole and exclusive written warranty with respect to LifePine® Shakes & Shingles. All implied warranties imposed by applicable law, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are limited to the duration of this express warranty. Some states do not allow limitations on implied warranties so the above limitation may not apply to some owners.

No dealer, salesman, representative or other person is authorized to make any warranties with respect to LifePine® Shakes & Shingles, extend this Warranty or otherwise change, modify or amend the provisions of this Warranty.

This warranty gives the owner specific legal rights which may be the same or different from the legal rights of an owner under the laws of a particular state. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the limited warranty and remedies described in this certificate are exclusive and are expressly in lieu of all other remedies, warranties, guarantees or liabilities, expressed or implied, arising by law or otherwise (including without limitation, any obligations of Green Shakes, LLC or seller with respect to merchantability, fitness for a particular use and consequential damages). Buyer waives all other remedies, warranties, guarantees or liabilities express or implied, arising by law or otherwise.